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Experiential Events & Brand Activation

From recording artists to comedians, models to actors, and emerging B2B and B2C brands, we specialize in brand building and growth.  We use the latest technology and marketing strategies to engage audiences, retain customers and employees, and create an unmatched guest experience.  We have created international in-person events and virtual experiences, national tours for well-known artists and regional tours and events for emerging talent. Our mission is to create robust experiences that result in a high return on investment and customer loyalty.

International Experiences

We create and execute successful events in various destinations around the world.  We have designed a marketing event series for a well known technology company that included experiences in Singapore, Brazil, London, as well as domestic locations around the United States.  We have also designed multi-day experiences in the Caribbean, including Jamaica.

Business Conferences

We organize single-day or multi-day business conferences for B2B and B2C brands.  We bring an experience to each conference, from bringing your service or product to life for prospects or creating a dynamic experience for partners.  We have experience in partner marketing kickoffs for the purpose exploring new opportunities for brands to work together and cementing the agency/client or agency/partner relationship.  

Team Meetups

We create and design off-site team meetings for remote and hybrid teams.  We work with clients to determine the best domestic or international location to bring teams together to foster creative ideas, synergy and camaraderie, and alignment amongst various company departments.  These meetings include a team building activity to allow members to get to know each other, resulting in an increase in productivity.

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