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Since our inception, So Fly Management has been dedicated to creating memorable experiences from concept to reality.

So Fly Management was founded in 2013 as a talent management company, focused on artist management and development.  Our mission was to develop talented artists and take advantage of every opportunity to catapult them to success.  We worked as a team with our clients to ensure that they maximize their earning potential and developed a mutual relationship between the company and artist in an agreement of both parties to work tirelessly to achieve success.  Our clients included emerging comedians, actors, producers and recording artists.


Since that time, our agency has evolved into an experiential marketing and events management agency, specializing in domestic and International guest and employee experiences.  We use the latest technology and marketing strategies to engage audiences, retain customers and employees, and create an unmatched guest experience.  We have created international events for well-known B2B brands, national tours for well-known artists and regional tours and events for emerging talent. Whether it is organizing an off-site conference for remote teams, virtual or in-person experiential events, or promoting talent, our mission is to create robust experiences that result in a high return on investment and customer loyalty.


Alicia Houston

Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Alicia has dedicated the past ten years to honing her skills in experiential marketing and events, working with global marketing automation and customer experience agencies, creating marketing campaigns that have amassed over $10M in revenue. Her passion for creating experiences stems from her ongoing desire to learn and utilize cutting-edge technology to engage audiences.  Alicia has earned a Master of Science Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, a Master of Arts Degree in Media Management from Norfolk (VA) State University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Oakland (MI) University.  She used her knowledge and skills to create a successful creative agency. 

Alicia is an official judge of the prestigious global 2022 The Drum Awards for Agency Business.

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